Mainly dealing with trade union activities for the members, the GSA had been quite active throughout its passage in history. Activities related to the improvement of the working conditions, Number of duty hours, Salaries, Incremental scales, Retirement benefits and other needs of working life of members took the pride of place.
GSA Benevolent Fund: Thrift among members, Various types of financial benefits like granting loans for the members requiring financial support for their various needs from funds established with contribution by members monthly.
Surveyors have been right throughout the ages manning the frontiers of every development effort in Sri Lanka, Not only dating the resent 200 years but also dating back to over 2000 years during which time Sri Lanka had a great civilization under the ancient Kings of Sri Lanka.

Welcome to G.S.A.

Government Surveyors’ Association was founded in 1922 and Incorporated under Ordinance No. 14 of 1939 as a Trade Union to protect and promote the interest of Government Surveyors and is now functioning as the only trade union for Government Surveyors.

G.S.A. is the oldest Public Sector Trade Union in Sri Lanka just as much as the Survey Department is the oldest Government Department founded in A.D. 1800, even before the Kandyan Kingdom fell to the British.

Right from the inception the BENEVOLENT FUND was also created along with the Association to provide welfare facilities to the Members.