Message from the Secretary to the Ministry of Lands and Land Development.

I understand that a WEBSITE is being created for the Government Surveyors’ Association and it gives me great pleasure in sending a message on the occasion of its launching on the day of the Annual General Meeting.
The Government Surveyors’ Association being the oldest public service trade union, founded in 1922 and incorporated by Act No : 14 of 1939 has its members scattered throughout the length and breadth of Sri Lanka, manning the frontiers of land development, thus having a fine record of dedicated service to the people of Sri Lanka.
An impressive Headquarters Building adds to the fine record of service by its leaders and the rank and file members throughout the long history of the G.S.A.
Even at present, just as much in the past, the members of the Association are, rendering valuable service to the country, particularly the urgent and invaluable professional applications needed in the Land Title Registration process.
While congratulating the Association on its past achievements. I wish you all the very best in your future actives.
The website that is being set up is bound to be of immense value indeed.

Very Sincerely Yours

Ministry of Lands and Land Development